We’ve redesigned our subscription program from the ground up, and are now offering incredible new benefits to our season subscribers.

As a subscriber, you’ll enjoy:

Artistic Director Amy Anderson’s full vision for the season with one ticket to all six concerts

Discounts of up to 20% over single-ticket prices

Discounts of 15% off additional single tickets you buy for family or friends

The best seats available before the general public, that you’ll keep each season!

A subscription to Chamber Music Monterey Bay Subscriber Insider, our new exclusive publication for our loyal subscribers filled with video and audio previews, artist information, and program notes, curated by Kai Christiansen

Custom seating request for your companions: make sure you all sit together whenever possible!

Our exclusive subscriber Wine and Chocolate Soirée

A deeper understanding of the music via a recording of Kai Christiansen’s pre-show talk, available to you after each concert

Priority invitations and discounts on other Chamber Music Monterey Bay events, as well as from our dining and community partners

The knowledge that you are helping to bring world-renowned ensembles to our community, local schools, and senior living centers

Subscriptions for 20-21 season open July, 2020.

We look forward to welcoming you to our new season!


Individual tickets for the streamed 2020-2021 Season are on sale now!.

Tickets for concert streams are $30-44 (+fees)

All Concert Streams are on Saturday at 7:00PM

Talks by Kai Christiansen will happen just before each piece during the concert stream.


Please note tickets are not refundable. If you cannot use your tickets, and cannot give them to a friend,  please call the office since it may be possible to move to a different performance or receive credit for their value as a donation to CMMB.